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Protect Yourself Against Non-Ionizing Radiation From:

Wi Fi Routers

A French national study provides an important addition to the literature evaluating the use of mobile phones and the risk of brain tumors. Radio frequency fields should be classified as a Group 2A “probable” human carcinogen, under the criteria used by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Cell Phone Towers

Mobile phone base stations facilitate good communication, but the continuously emitting radiations from these stations have raised health concerns. The genetic damage evident in the participants of this study may lead to cancer.

Power Lines

Epidemiological evidence of increased risks for childhood leukemia from magnetic fields has implicated, as one source of such fields, high-voltage overhead power lines.

Solar Power Plants

Results show that solar plant decrease energy in environment. Because of low energy, people who spent time in a house with solar plant didn’t feel fine and has deficiency in energy body.

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How Long Does It Take to Work?

Tungaj Transformers do not require any special installation, and can be placed anywhere. We recommend that they be placed in the middle of the space you wish to protect. Non-ionizing radiation passes through walls, and the protective nature of the transformer likewise functions, even with stone or metal walls or dividers. Users have reported positive effects within 24 hours, though since the effects are subtle and more passive than active, living with Tungaj Transformers, over weeks and months, results in the most evident positive changes.

What is Tungaj transformer?

After years of experimentation, Vrhovnik (pronounced “Ver-ho-nik”) developed an optimal combination of pulverized stones and minerals which transform non-ionizing radiation that is produced by electronic devices that rely on projected signals. These materials include gold, silver, silicon, pure carbon, selenium, quartz and other minerals. These are mixed in a suspension of sand and …


How do I know it works?

Drago Vrhovnik won two gold prize on international exhibition for innovations, patents and inventions in Czech republik and Serbia.
Laboratory of plant Cytogenetics, Peter Firbas made Allium method for Tungaj Transformer and it shows less chromosomal damage.
We get 5 certificates for Tungaj Transformer from Institut of Electrophotonics in Germany, which shows significant protecting influence on geopathic stress and on a human energy field.



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Our Team

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Drago Vrhovnik
The brain of our team, if there is a problem, he will find a solution.
Boštjan Jelovčan
Project Manager
Wants to know every single thing related to Tungaj Transformer from his team.
Rok Zadnik
PR, website manager
Despite his young age, he is a master of his field.
Frans Huber
Belgium Partner
With his connections all over the world, he plays an important part in our team.

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