Tungaj Transformer Sphere Shape 120m2

A modern design that suit into every single appartment or office. With its timeless shape it is a must have object to protect yourself.

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With the installation of the Tungaj Transformer, atoms of pure carbon, gold, silver, silicon and other elements establish torsion/scalar energy. This type of energy had already been researched by the great scientist and inventor of international repute, Nikola Tesla.

The Tungaj Transformer won a gold prize in the International Invention Expo in South Korea, and has been certified as effective by independent, objective scientists from the Institute of Bioelectrophotonics in Germany.

Scores of users from around the world attest to its efficacy, describing how, after installing a Tungaj Transformer into their home or workplace, they sleep more soundly, feel more rested, are better able to concentrate when at work, and have more energy and a generally more positive mood.